Lenovo A806 Smartphone begin to be sold by SpeMall from September

In recent months, one of the most active brands in the market of the mobile Chinese is Lenovo. This activity responds to the stated intention of the company to bring to market nothing more and nothing less than 60 smartphones this year 2014. Many of those new models will have support for the new high-speed 4G networks and already know some very interesting as the Lenovo A806, an octa – core with very economical 4G coming to happen to the Lenovo S8 Golden Warrior. A few days ago I submitted this interesting new eight-core model and now you come to tell that your date on sale in China is already set.

This smartphone is in stock At SpeMall now (so if we are lucky and shops engaged in the sale of mobile Chinese internationally working fast, we can soon buy it from outside the borders of the Eastern country).

This Lenovo A806 is the successor of the phablet octa – core Lenovo S8, with regard to which changes in many aspects. Fundamentals are the size of the screen, which has decreased up to 5 inches; and the inclusion of support for 4G networks. Lenovo A806 Smartphone hardware configuration is very interesting and turn it into a high-end very interesting and economic model. The full specifications of this model are the following:

* IPS 5 inch screen with HD (1280×720 pixels) resolution.
* Octa – core processor MTK6592 1.7 GHz.
* GPU quad – core Mali450-MP4 to 700 MHz.
* 2 GB of RAM.     * 16 GB internal storage expandable via microSD.
* Rear BSI 13 megapixel camera with dual LED flash and front camera 5 MPx.
* Dual SIM.
* 4 G LTE.
* 2500 mAh battery.
* Vibe 2.0 UI based on Android 4.4.2 Kitkat.

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Meizu MX4 from SpeMall: Will be one of the best!

From now on forward rumors and leaks on the Meizu MX4 will be a daily constant, so almost every day you will have to bring posts like this one, in which I’ll talk about the latest speculations about the future model star of Meizu. But yesterday seemed to confirm is that Meizu is working on a MX3S Meizu processor octa – core MTK6595, which is still in the air is almost everything related to the Meizu MX4 and today has released a new rumor. This new rumor speaks about the future flagship of Meizu could be the first smartphone in the world to use a Sony camera 20.7 MPx. Be true this new rumor, Meizu MX4 would start to a very good start and reach the market being much higher than the rest of its competitors at least in a section of the camera.

Yet there is nothing confirmed about this, but is it not unreasonable to think that a high-end premium phone and with some claims as high as Meizu MX4 was chosen for brand new Sensor 20.7 Sony MPx. The same rumors that speak of this House of 20.7 Sony MPx for the back, are running that phone would an 8-megapixel camera on the front. The rest of the specs are still unknown and at the moment we only have speculation always talking: a screen of 5.4 inch ratio 15:9 and resolution 2 k, a processor MTK6595 octa core, 2GB RAM, reader of fingerprints and Flyme4.0 OS operating system.

With the emergence of the so-called first render Meizu MX4 it seems that we will gradually go getting to know all the details about this expected phone and if speculations that there is for the time being are certain, Meizu MX4 Smartphone looks incredible.

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Xiaomi Redmi 1S from SpeMall will have a version limited in green mint

Xiaomi continues with his big year the length and breadth of the whole world. The Chinese mark keeps on registering a few spectacular selling and a few impressive numbers of growth in each and everyone of the markets in which it gets and this has led her to climbing very much on a global scale and to be placing between the biggest. One of his models better sold and that more success has is undoubtedly Xiaomi Redmi 1S Smartphone, a phone of average scale that is provided with a few exceptional specifications at a price with which few ones can compete.

Personally what less I like of this mobile is his design, which seems slightly antiquated and coarse if we compare it with other models of average scale. To relieve this situation, Xiaomi has put at the disposal of his consumers Xiaomi Redmi 1S in several colors and seems that the last one to come will be the green. This way, Xiaomi Redmi 1S green can already be bought in China, increased this way the offer that was already including other showy colors as rose or the yellow one.

Specifications Xiaomi Redmi 1S green As for The hardware this Xiaomi Redmi 1S green is identical to the rest of models of other colors who were either on the market and his finished specifications are the following ones:
Screen IPS of 4.7 inches with resolution HD (1280×720 pixels) made by Sharp. Processor quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 to 1.6 GHz. GPU Adreno 305.
1 GB of RAM.
8 GB of internal storage extendable by means of microSD of up to 64 GB.
Chamber of 8 MPx with sensor of Samsung and opening f/2.2 and front camera of 2 MPx.
Dual SIM. Sound HIFI with acoustic system Dirac.
Battery of 2000 mAh.
MIUI v5 based on Android 4.3.

It is necessary to emphasize that this new edition in green mint of Xiaomi Redmi 1S that is already to the selling is the one that has compatibility with the networks WCDMA of China Unicom and therefore it is the one that works out of China, so there would be possibilities of being able to buy it out of the oriental country in a time. Also it is necessary to mention that it is a question of the version without conectividad 4G of the Redmi 1S and for the time being only it is possible to buy the last one in the habitual colors.

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Mediatek will throw officially his octa-core LTE MTK6595 on July 15

At present the processors octa-core are a reality with which we go coexisting many months on the market. For a few weeks also we begin to see the first mobiles 4G with chip Mediatek, thanks to a provisional solution that the Taiwanese company of semiconductors has found while it stops throwing finally the awaited processor octa-core MTK6595. This provisional solution consists of adding the current quad-core MTK6582 and octa-core MTK6592 a modem LTE MTK6290 that grants them support for the networks 4G.

Although this patch to lightened the arrival of 4G to the chips Mediatek, what all the users and the market we are pregnant really is the arrival of the chip octa-core MTK6595, that in addition to having support for the networks 4G, has a few very promising specifications that the rumors suggest that they might offer a yield near to the chip Snapdragon 801 of Qualcomm. Well, Mediatek finally will throw officially his chip octa-core MTK6595 LTE next July 15 in an event in Shenzhen.

This new chip octa-core MTK6595 will suppose a big step pass as for yield with regard to the current one MTK6592 and also it is not necessary to forget the added important one of which it is compatible with the networks 4G. The processor MTK6595 will be based on the architecture big. LITTLE with two sets of four nuclei, one of them with coaxial Cortex-A17 and other with coaxial Cortex-A15. In addition to that also it will be provided with heterogeneous Multi prosecution (HMP) that will allow the SoC to choose in every moment the number of nuclei that it activates according to the load of work, using this way the most efficient energy of a way and reducing the consumption.

In regards to the graphics, GPU will be a PowerVR p7100 600 MHz of last generation. The MTK6595 chip will have among its features the recording and 4 k video playback and support for screens with resolution 2 k.

With the official release dated for next July 15, means that Mediatek already must be working hard to produce your chip MTK6595 mass and is already beginning to ship the first units to manufacturers. With all this in mind, expected that the first mobile chip MTK6595 can see the light at the end of July, but that the bulk of the first batch of these new smartphones with chip octa – core MTK6595 begin to hit the market in the month of August.

To us at the moment the only thing that we have is waiting to see that as events unfold and see if deadlines are met. And once the new phones with SoC MTK6595 are on the market, check if the final performance of the chip is at the height of what was expected and finally Mediatek can compete your to you with the great rulers of high-end. Meizu MX4 is the first smartphone equipped with this chip, this octa core MTK6595 bring the excellent performance for Meizu MX4!

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THL T6S from SpeMall: Best is Business

At present the market of the Chinese mobiles has two dominating big ones in what to processors it refers. On the one hand we have the chip MTK6592 of eight nuclei that we find present in the majority of phones of the high scale, whereas on the other hand we have the processor quad-core MTK6582 that it is the big dominating one of the current average scale of the market of mobiles with chip Mediatek. We can find these two processors in infinity of mobiles and that’s why it is more and more complicated to decide on a model or other at the time of acquiring a new smartphone.

If you take a few very concrete requisites as a for example a ceiling of budget, the search is already annotated a little more and becomes slightly easier and for example, for those who want an average scale very cheap today I come to you to present the THL T6S Smartphone. It is a question of a mobile with a few specifications that mostly belong to the average scale but that nevertheless has a price that is more proper of the low scale.

Since I have already commented in the introduction, this THL T6S has a few specifications that mostly can be located inside the average scale, with notable exceptions as the resolution of the screen that is of only 854×480 pixels and that is much more proper of the models of low scale with smaller screens.

Screen IPS of 5 inches with resolution 854×480 pixels.
Processor quad-core MTK6582 to 1.3 GHz.
Dual GPU – core Mali400-MP2 to 500 MHz.
1 GB of RAM.
8 GB of internal extendable storage by means of microSD of up to 32 GB.
Rear Chamber of 5 MPx and front camera of 0.3 MPx.
Dual SIM. Battery of 1900 mAh.
Android 4.4 KitKat.

As for the design, this new smartphone of THL leaves a little of the habitual lines of the mark and introduces a small curvature in the top and low part of the phone in the style of Oppo Find 7 or OnePlus One. The truth is that it is a phone that has a quite attractive design and this is not easy to see in devices so economic as this THL T6S.

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Meizu MX4, we know its possible price and other details thanks to new leaks

Meizu MX4 is without a doubt one of the protagonists of the Chinese mobile market during the past few weeks. It is the only one of the flagships of the major brands of the Eastern country which has not yet been presented and that makes that all eyes are placed on it. A few days ago I told you that Monday would be a major announcement by Meizu and we already know that it is. Finally they had to announce today from the Chinese brand is that the presentation of its new (or new, because all indications are that it will be more than one) ship logo, Meizu MX4, will take place on September 2 in Beijing.

In addition to the confirmation of the date of filing of the new Meizu MX4, they have also appeared over the weekend a lot of leaks in the form of images that have provided us with valuable new information on the phone, like for example which could be its price.

These new leaks that I has speaking they seem to belong to a kind of Meizu MX4 promotional catalog and in the images as well as to see the aspect that has phone, we also see other interesting details. Perhaps the most striking because it is the first time since the rumors began appearing. We do not know if this price will be the standard version of the Meizu MX4 or if this will instead be the cost of the Pro version. In addition, other details that has most caught the attention is a screenshot which talked about the camera device and which seems to confirm that the Meizu MX4 will have Sony IMX147 sensor 20.7 MPx. Here below I’ll leave a gallery with the filtered images so you can check them out.

The weekend has been very intense in terms of information and leaks on the Meizu MX4 refers and in addition to the images you have seen above, also appeared other three real allegedly belonging to the Meizu MX4 and images that show us a little more than detail their design. No more I leave you with images so you dig them out. Well, we already know the official date of the Meizu MX4 and if before leaks were not already appear, now that we have on the horizon a specific date it seems that they will do so even more frequently. Despite all the leaks and rumors that there are on the Meizu MX4, there are still many details about it that we do not know, but fortunately on September 2 is already very close and will be then when we will leave doubts and know all the details about Meizu MX4 Smartphone at his official presentation.

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HUAWEI Honor 3C Play from SpeMall: Play with Passion

During the last few weeks I have spoken much of a new economic model of Huawei, Huawei Honor 3c Play. This new smartphone from Huawei has been a good source of rumors in recent times and the truth is that since mark will have care much that not it transcend too much information on this model before his presentation, so that even though we had an idea of what they would offer this new phone, the truth is we had no clear, since leaks on your specifications and design were very few. As well, already that we can speak with total quiet and informed of this new Huawei Honor 3c Play, since it was officially presented yesterday and we already know all the details about it.

This new economic Huawei smartphone will be a range media which will be focused mainly on young people. In its interior we can find hardware typical of most models of current mid-range and outside design rounded where bright colors are the protagonists. The complete hardware configuration of the Huawei Honor Play 3c is as follows:

5-inch HD (1280 × 720 pixels) resolution IPS screen.
Quad – core processor MTK6582 1.3 GHz. dual GPU – core Mali400-MP2 to 500 MHz.
1 GB of RAM.
4/16 GB expandable internal storage via microSD.
Back 8 megapixel camera with sensor f/2.0 aperture, autofocus and LED flash and front camera 2 MPx.
Dual SIM. HotKnot.
Double microphone for noise cancellation.
2000 mAh battery.
Android 4.2.2 with layer of customization Emotion UI 2.0

In regards to the design, the new Huawei Honor 3c Play Smartphone has a very rounded lines and will be available in 4 bright colors: white, blue, yellow and pink.

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Power and Beauty from SpeMall: Xiaomi Mi4

It’s been two weeks since the expected submission of new Xiaomi Mi4 and all the furor environment to the phone that was unleashed in the aftermath has already slightly appeased. Currently the Xiaomi Mi4 is undoubtedly one of the most desired market and powerful smartphones and many users who are eager to be able to get it.

In China there are some fortunate that they have their MI4 Xiaomi’s 16 GB for a long time, but those wishing to bet on the 64 GB of internal storage version still will have to wait until August 12, date in which it will sell this version officially. In addition, it seems that the only difference in this version that is sold today is not internal storage, but the Xiaomi Mi4 distributed so far only had 2 GB of RAM, still so below version of 64 GB of internal storage that will come with 3 GB of RAM on August 12.

This new version of 64 GB of internal storage and 3 GB of RAM of the Xiaomi Mi4 passed through the Tenaa to get your network license a long time ago and thanks to this passage we know that it will be compatible with the 3 G WCDMA networks that are used outside of China. This same certification of this version does not mention anything about networks 4G that spoken in presentation of the Xiaomi Mi4 Smartphone, although I suppose that this model if you will have support for such networks (what remains to be seen is if it has the bands used in Europe or not).

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Middle range SmartPhone from SpeMall: Asus Zenfone5

The middle range of the Chinese mobile market is really huge, but among the many models what to choose, it is quite difficult to find something really different, since the majority of smartphones in this strip of the market have very similar specifications dominated by chip quad – core MTK6582. One of these different models which stands out above the rest of mid-range phones and differs from them by some rather peculiar features Asus Zenfone5.

For this reason, now a few weeks I decided to buy a unit to test it thoroughly and tell you first-hand if all it promises on paper is abroad. I already received my Asus Zenfone5 and in this entry, I bring you the unboxing and my first impressions of this peculiar mid-range model. So if you’re looking for a model of different mid range and quality, not you quitéis with the eye to this entry on the Asus Zenfone5.

In the introduction I have said several times that the Asus Zenfone5 is a mid-range rather peculiar and different from the rest and that we realize just to see its specifications. Unlike the majority of models from this strip of the market, Asus Zenfone5 does the Mediatek MTK6582 chip, but they choose to incorporate a mobile Intel processor inside. Specifically, there are two versions of this model and that I have is the most basic, carrying the SoC dual – core Intel Atom Z2560 1.6 GHz and 1 GB of RAM. The most complete version comes with 2 GB of RAM and chip dual – core Intel Atom Z2580 2 GHz.

Do not be fooled by the subject that processors are dual – core, since the performance offered is superior to the chip quad – core Mediatek MTK6582. Once clarified the issue of processor, Asus Zenfone5 also has some quality details that make it quite stand above most of its competitors, e.g. protection Gorilla Glass screen 3 or 8 megapixel sensor opening camera f/2.0, which is supported by a large number of software upgrades included in what the brand calls ‘Pixelmaster’ technology. Well, not me rolled up more and you’ll leave the complete hardware configuration of the basic version of the Asus Zenfone5, that is the one I have.

IPS 5 inch screen with HD (1280 × 720 pixels) resolution with Gorilla Glass 3 protective coating.
Processor dual – core Intel Atom Z2560 1.6 GHz.
1 GB of RAM.
8 GB of internal storage expandable via microSD up to 64 GB.
8 megapixel sensor opening rear camera f/2.0 supported by technology ‘Pixelmaster’ and front camera 2 MPx.
Dual SIM.
2110 mAh battery.
Android 4.3 with customized interface ZenUI.

In regards to design, Asus Zenfone5 Smartphone is also a mobile phone fairly original, since it has an aesthetic section quite different from what we find in the market. Boasts a metallic decorative element that gives it personality and elegance at the bottom and the phone is available in a wide range of colors.

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OnePlus One from SpeMall: Performance and autonomy

Offer a display of quality at a price is difficult, but it is more one of the latest models of Qualcomm as main hardware. In fact, the OnePlus One was brand new with Snapdragon 800, but well studying what was moving in the market, they decided to place an 801.

In a terminal that costs us 375.99$, having the same internal hardware that main phones Samsung or LG, it says enough. But you have to be more specific, as the available versions of the Snapdragon 801, we have the most powerful: MSM8974-AC, quad-core 2, 2.45 GHz, and GPU Sandy 330 578 MHz.

The other point that few phones equal is the memory, the One dares with 3GB of RAM. Maybe it is not the specification to which more profitability you can get right now, but it is a guarantee for future system upgrades, and to have it vented. The other, the storage memory, arrives with its good and bad part. The bad, that there is no way to expand it – Yes in the Oppo Find7a – good, opt for the 64GB model is quite affordable, provided to see units available.

The performance is as expected benchmarks, games, navigation, or with a demanding phone use. More soft and loads faster than any phone on their price. But not everything is perfect, Cyanogen is doing a job of optimization, and the phone is still in an initial moment of development, with elements to Polish and improve the system (at the time of the analysis became a major update, and this week will be another).

Many will also appreciate the possibilities of personalization in details hardware of CyanogenMod, entering profiles that allow us to play with the balance between power and battery, with details such as touching the CPU speed. Finally, we are also to a phone with connectivity for LTE, some ending to round the proposal, and that in the past could be a problem in the choice of a Chinese phone. Testing the phone in our networks, I have not had any problem in normal conditions, with a performance similar to the of iPhone 5.

Other supported connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0, USB OTG, WiFi 802.11b/g/n/ac, GPS/GLONASS and NFC. Some cast lack the FM radio. Turning to an appearance as the audio, we have a system of triple the external noise-canceling microphone. With respect to volume in calls, our voice becomes high and clear to the receiver, but I have the feeling that there are to fix something in the software for the volume of us comes to us.

In terms of their autonomy, we could talk about being in the line of their size/power, and standard on phones with the same hardware. I think it is a paragraph which Cyanogen can still improve enough with optimization and tools to manage the consumption of resources. Meanwhile, we can play with the basic settings to extend the life: disable connectivity, lower brightness, remove or unnecessary notifications.

The use I give to phones is not precisely simple, especially in what regards notifications, and at the end of the day often me a battery 5. Another issue is when I’ve been testing the camera, photo, and video – 4 k – or spending more time account benchmarks and demanding games, where it is normal that the battery is consumed quickly. If we liked the design, the quality of construction and the screen, in terms of power and autonomy, we were more than satisfied. We believe that until they do not begin to appear with the 805 Snapdragon phones, OnePlus One Smartphone is the very best that we can find in phones.

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