VIVO X5, the mysterious new model

Live is one of the Chinese offering higher quality models and in its catalogue we can find real beasts like the Vivo XShot that can compete with any of the smartphones ‘classical’ brands. In addition to these models, live also has other smartphones that are placed on a lower step of specifications but keep the quality of materials and the performance of all the phones on the brand.

In this step we can find for example the VIVO X3S. As well, it seems that the new model will also belong to this range of products and take VIVO X5. The first image of this live X5 has been posted on the facebook official company and rumors about what will be your specifications as they circulate through the Chinese sites specialized in the sector. Do you want to know them?  as you continue reading

Little is known about this future Chinese brand model, but the web sites of the Eastern country’s sector are already beginning to speculate with their specifications and most of them agree that shall include the following:

* display of 5.7 inches with HD or Full HD resolution.
* Quad – core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 or 400 to 1.2 GHz Snadragon.
* 2 GB of RAM.
* Rear 13 MPx camera and 8 megapixel with 88 ° wide-angle front camera.

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Buy TCL S720 from SpeMall, one of the main rivals of Xiaomi Redmi Note

A few months ago Xiaomi announced its new Xiaomi Redmi Note, a phablet octa – core 5.5 inches with a really cheap price, making it one of phones with a most interesting quality/price relationship. As immediate response to the announcement of its new model Xiaomi star for the upper middle range, many brands were launched to introduce their own alternatives to this market of the phablets octa – core economic MTK6592. One of the models who obtained more success of all alternatives was TCL S720, getting nothing more and nothing less than 7 million reserves in China before its release.

The truth is that the interest aroused by this model, since it is really brutal specifications and a difficult to match the competitive price means. But so far I had a small problem, it was very difficult to find in regular stores. As well, the problem is no longer such and in this post you are going to find out where to buy this S720 TCL for a fantastic price certainly.

As I said in the introduction, this TCL S720 is one of the best alternatives to Xiaomi Redmi Note and it’s a phablet of 5.5 inch chip octa – core MTK6592M that has a lot to offer. The complete hardware configuration of this TCL S720 is as follows:

* screen 5.5 inches with HD (1280 × 720 pixels) resolution.
* Octa – core processor MTK6592M 1.4 GHz.
* GPU quad – core Mali450-MP4.     * 1 GB of RAM.
* 8 GB of internal storage expandable via microSD up to 32 GB.
* Rear camera Sony’s 8 megapixel with f/2.0 aperture and autofocus and 5 megapixel front camera sensor.
* Dual SIM.
* 3300 mAh battery.
* Android 4.2.

In regards to the design, this TCL S720 Smartphone has a few fine lines slightly rounded corners and a profile of only 7.95 mm thick which will facilitate the management of the phone with one hand.

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Take tour fun with You: Newman K18 from SpeMall

Recently released, Newman K18 Octa Core 1.1 GHz 5 inch 4 GB DDR3 1 GB HD is powered by the newly appeared of the chipset from Mediatek, namely MTK6592, with 8 processor cores (OCTO CORE), 1.7 GHz tactat kernel and bring out all the benchmarks scores nearly double face moment of quad core processors with solutions. MTK6592 is a new chipset, somehow come naturally in response to market demands for performance and enjoyment of the experience in the production of Mediatek chipsets for mobile devices.

Recently launched Smartphone Newman K18 Octa Core 1.1 GHz 5 inch HD 1 GB DDR3 4 GB comes with an IPS screen 5 ‘ with a HD resolution of 1280 x 720 (FullHD model ADVANCED) pixels, that allows some very clear images in extreme natural colors. Phone memory of 1 GB DDR3 (2 GB model ADVANCED) very fast along with the CPU core-MTK6592 makes almost any application run on smartphone or surfing the internet to be a real pleasure, and that comes with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean preinstalled does nothing to increase the operating speed of the phone, thus providing an extra performance.

Smartphone-ul Newman K18 O.g Core 1.1 GHz 5 inch HD 16 GB DDR3 1 GB can run without lag many of the most popular 3D games of the moment, and in terms of playing multimedia content, it can be done without interruptions and you can enjoy a superior audio experience thanks to the built-in speaker, speaker of extremely good quality for a mobile device. If those are not enough to incorporate 16 GB for music, movies and your favorite games, you can increase your storage capacity with a micro SD card up to 32 GB, so that you can wear almost always entertainment. In the back of the phone find a 13MP camera with LED Flash and autofocus is also able to realize high-quality pictures and to record movies at HD resolution.

With Newman K18 Smartphone Octa Core 1.1 GHz 5 inch HD 1 GB DDR3 4 GB can you get entertainment with you wherever you are.

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COOLPAD F2 Smartphone from SpeMall: 4G DUAL SIM

Lately Coolpad is a mark that is turning out to be great in this web and being that in the last weeks they do not stop generating news I half-close two new and most interesting models that they are developing in this moment, COOLPAD F2 (8675) and Coolpad Grand 5 (9971). The last pompous informations about COOLPAD F2 were suggesting that it would be the first smartphone of the world in having dual SIM 4G, that is to say, two lines 4G simultaneously in the same phone (a characteristic that seems that also it will have the IUNI U3).

Well, now the new information’s about this model have to see with a few first supposed renders that would prove to be what would be the design of this COOLPAD F2. The truth is that the images show a quite attractive aesthetic aspect and that one removes enough of the coarsest and classic designs that the models of the mark usually present and of be confirming like real, COOLPAD F2 would be a big step pass in what to design recounts for the mark China.

In view of these first supposed renders of COOLPAD F2 a debate is opened on if COOLPAD F2 is the same model as the Coolpad 8675 (thing that we we all were thinking up to the moment). The truth is that the aspect that there has COOLPAD F2 in these renders and the aesthetic paragraph of the Coolpad 8675 showed in the Tenaa they have not anything in common and that’s why now it is questioned that they are the same model.

This leads to two possibilities: the first one is that the renders are not real and that simply they talk each other about the creation of a fan of the mark and that therefore the Coolpad 8675 and COOLPAD F2 yes are the same model and on the other hand, the second possibility is that really we are before two different models.

For the time being the only thing that we can do is to wait to solve these new doubts that have arisen due to the appearance of these first supposed renders of COOLPAD F2. Apparently, it is hoped that COOLPAD F2 Smartphone should be presented at the end of this month of Agoso or at the beginning of September, from what we will not have already to wait very much to go out of doubts and to meet finally once and for all the hardware of this model on the one that is speculated about so much.

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UMI Zero confirms many of its specifications through official images

Since a few weeks I come talking about which will be the new model star UMI, UMI Zero mark. This new device is intended to become the real ship company logo and so not going to skimp on efforts to reach the market with a lot of quality details. In recent weeks have been many rumours and speculations to this mobile environment that have been appreciated, but gradually increasingly there are more official material about him and we are discovering in a slow but sure way which will be their excellent specifications.

Today I come to bring a good batch of official images released by the mark about this UMI Zero thanks to which we can already confirm a lot of the specifications of this model. Do you want to know them all? Therefore do not stop reading until the end of this entry.

The specifications of this new Zero UMI will be worthy of a true high-end processor Mediatek and there will be very few models on the market that can deal with it (removing the new smartphones with chip MTK6595 and also the top chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 of the large Chinese premium brands). Besides that, it will also have a good amount of details of premium quality. Your complete hardware configuration will include the following features:

5 Super AMOLED screen with FullHD resolution (1920 × 1080 pixels) and Gorilla Glass 3 protection.
Octa – core processor MTK6592T to 2 GHz.
GPU quad – core Mali450-MP4 to 700 MHz.
Camera rear Sony Exmor RS 13 MPx sensor opening of f/1.8, video recording in slow motion and with 4 k resolution and 8 megapixel with LED flash and wide-angle front camera. Dual SIM.
2780 mAh battery with quick charge that will allow you to achieve the 50 of the capacity of the battery in just 20 minutes thanks to the technology of Texas Instruments.
Body with metal chassis CNC unibody with profile of only 6.4 mm thick (as announced from the brand would be dual SIM finest in the world. The truth is that I don’t remember now if some of the mobile less than 6.4 mm thick have dual SIM).

As you can see they are very appetizing specifications that denote an extreme attention to detail and UMI is trying to do things very well with its new UMI Zero Smartphone so you splurge aires premium from every pore.

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Huawei Honor Play 4, a new range average with 4G and 64-bit

Huawei is one of the major Chinese brands in the sector of smartphones. It is a company which has already been quite a few years selling their products officially and in the usual shops in Spain (and many other countries to far and wide around the world) and this has led to the public already see it as ‘classic’ brand more like Sony, Samsung or Apple and therefore do not generate mistrust among buyers who do not know well the world of the mobile Chinese. Its catalogue is one of the most complete on the market and has models for all tastes and types of users, also already having multiple devices with 64-bit chip, being one of the companies than before has introduced this innovation in their smartphones.

This is the case of Huawei Honor Play 4, a new model will be presented on September 22 and that will come with 4G, 64-bit processor and guess that it will also be economical (considering that is the family Honor should be as well). East new and mysterious (so far) Huawei Honor Play 4 has appeared in real images and screenshots showing its Antutu performance before its official launch.

The specifications of this new model are located within the current medium range and could become the new standard of the next models of this strip of the market who choose to assemble a Qualcomm chip. The most different and special this mobile feature is carrying the new 64-bit 410 Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC. The complete hardware configuration of this Huawei Honor Play 4 Smartphone would be as follows:

5-inch HD (1280 × 720 pixels) resolution IPS screen.
Quad – core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 64-bit 1.2 GHz.
GPU Adreno 306.
1 GB of RAM.
8 GB of internal storage expandable via microSD up to 32 GB.
Back 8 megapixel camera with autofocus and led flash and front camera 2 MPx.
Dual SIM.
4 G LTE.
2000 mAh battery.
Android 4.4.3 KitKat with Emotion UI custom interface.

Its design have seen it full but not with too much detail or quality. It seems to be a mobile phone with a very classic lines in which the corners are slightly rounded. Huawei Honor Play 4 Smartphone seems to be built in plastic and has a fairly thick screen frames. In short, it is not a mobile too attention-grabbing for its aesthetics.

Another interesting thing that we have seen of this model are catches of Antutu 5 in which we can appreciate performance offering new 64 410 of Qualcomm Snapdragon chip. In the images we can see how mobile exceeds 19,000 points, stood thus at the height of the current range with 400 to 1.2 GHz Snapdragon chip or processor MTK6582 media.

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ZTE Nubia Z7 with screen 2K has its network licence

Several months ago, that the new family of high-end of ZTE, Nubia Z7 smartphones, products were presented officially. This new range of products comprises three members and two of them (the ZTE Nubia Z7 mini and ZTE Nubia Z7 Max) already carry a time available on the market, reaping a great sales success. On the other hand, the authentic flagship of the new family of high-end ZTE is not yet on sale, but it seems that we will not have to wait long and is very close to the moment in which that is so. ZTE Nubia Z7 with screen 2K has finally gone through the Tenaa a couple of weeks ago and finally has its network licence, so it should not take a long time to launch the conquest of the high-end market.

The specifications of this model are worthy of an authentic flagship of the current premium high-end and allow this ZTE Nubia Z7 to compete from you to you and without any complexes with any of stop them range from the big premium brands that are on sale now. The complete hardware configuration of the ZTE Nubia Z7 is as follows:

5.5 IPS screen inches with 2 k resolution (2560 × 1440 pixels).
Quad – core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 801.
GPU Adreno 330.
3 GB of RAM.
32 GB of internal storage.
Rear 13 megapixel camera with sensor opening f/2.0, optical stabilization (OIS) and dual-LED flash and front camera 5 MPx.
Dual SIM. 4 G LTE.
3000 mAh battery.
Android 4.4 with Nubia UI customization layer.

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Xiaomi Mi4 black from SpeMall already has date of departure

He made months since Xiaomi Mi4 Smartphone was officially presented and put on sale, achieving a great success all over the world. This new flagship of Xiaomi is a model with a really attractive design and top specifications that placed it as one of the most powerful models of today. Although the official presentation of the Xiaomi Mi4 was announced in this model both white and black, for the moment buyers only have been able to purchase the white version.

Those who prefer black for your smartphone are in luck, because the black of Xiaomi Mi4 version has departure date.

As you have read in the introduction, the model which will be the sale of Xiaomi Mi4 black is compatible with 4 G networks, but unfortunately only with the China Mobile, which are the TD-LTE which cannot be used outside of China. Although international buyers may not use this model outside Chinese borders, the fact is that already have date of departure is good news for everyone, since it is the first step in the commercialization of the appropriate version in black of the Mi4 Xiaomi of China Unicom with support for 3 G networks WCDMA and 4 G FD-LTE used outside the Eastern country.

The version that will go on sale will be that has 16GB of internal storage and those wanting more memory will have to wait in the middle of November to be able to buy the 64 GB model.

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ASUS working on a new Zenfone of 5.5 inch

ASUS is a brand that is living a good year in your Smartphone thanks to their phones Zenfone Department. This product family has three members that are differentiated mainly by the size of your screen, being the smallest of 4 inches and the largest 6-inch. These smartphones Asus Zenfone are uns cellphones with a good quality/price ratio and have sales that are above the expected by the brand, so it is expected to end the year above 7 million units distributed.

In spite of that, the sizes of screen of the members of this family Zenfone dan very abrupt jumps between itself and perhaps an intermediate term would be fine. What have this is because think of ASUS, since it seems that they are working on a new ASUS Zenfone screen of 5.5 inches, which is situated between the ASUS Zenfone5 and the ASUS Zenfone6 .distributed.

This new device could be officially in the CES 2015 which will take place in January of the coming year. In addition to the ASUS Zenfone of 5.5 inches, we can also perhaps see new members of this family of products in which LTE connectivity will be a very important feature. Although specific details of the specifications of this ASUS Zenfone 5.5 are not known (by now will call it so, although the name that will be is not yet known), if that says that it will significant improvements with respect to the current Zenfone in most paragraphs, including the aforementioned LTE connectivity, the camera, the battery life or design. Also says that ASUS bet heavily on the U.S. market and will heavily promote the new ASUS Zenfone in that territory.

There are still many months for the CES in 2015, so there is still much time for information and leaks about the new ASUS Zenfone of 5.5 inch and the rest of the brand new smartphones appear. We must be vigilant to see that they can offer us the guys at ASUS and if able to improve current devices that are on the market, since although they pointed very good manners, in practice yet them to Polish many details.

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Jiayu G6 receives a light version with 16 GB of internal storage and cut price

The market of the phablets with large screens is becoming larger and each day there are more users who decide to take the plunge and buy a smartphone of this type. So things are more brands committed to include a mobile phone of this style in their catalogues and as a result there is already a tremendous selection of devices with these features to choose from. Undoubtedly is very difficult to opt for a model or another, because they all have their good and bad parts, but one of the most interesting of this strip of the market is the Jiayu G6.

This phablet with 5.7 display inch has a very attractive design and a highly stylized body made of metal, as well as high-end specifications. This most attractive market make everything one of the phablets but also to raise its price and that makes will go to some of the budget. To try to remedy this, from Jiayu have released a new version of light of the Jiayu G6 which will come with 16 GB of internal storage.

As I said in the introduction, this new version of the Jiayu G6 Smartphone light sees only trimmed its internal storage up to 16 GB and maintains unchanged the rest of specifications, leaving your hardware configuration complete follows:

IPS OGS display of 5.7 inches FullHD (1920 × 1080 pixels) resolution.
Octa – core processor MTK6592 1.7 GHz.
GPU quad – core Mali450-MP4 to 700 MHz.
2 GB of RAM.
16 GB of internal storage.
Rear 13 MPx camera and front camera 8 MPx.
Dual SIM.
3500 mAh battery.
Android 4.2.

The grand design of the device also remains intact, and all its virtues, are still present as his body unibody manufactured in metal and its slim profile of just 8 mm thick.

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