Bamboo case for the OnePlus One only at SpeMall

All eyes in the Smartphone sector are today at the launch event of the new Xiaomi Mi4 (which already have the first images and details here) and to a lesser extent in the event of Huawei which are going to present a mysterious Huawei Honor X which is not yet known too. Leaving aside these two events, one of the most influential brands of the past months in the market of the mobile Chinese, OnePlus, also had prepared for today a launch, although it is not as expected and spectacular as the Xiaomi. OnePlus today unveiled the shells of bamboo for its OnePlus One.

Several months ago, when took place the official presentation of the OnePlus One Smartphone, we had the opportunity to see these shells of bamboo for the OnePlus One accompanied by many others with as varied as woven cowboy or wood textures. As well, it seems that little by little these shells will start to reach the market and the first that will will be of bamboo.

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At SpeMall you see the BEST: Xiaomi MI4

My (formerly Xiaomi, costs leave that denomination) has become the great promise (confirmed, for many) of the Chinese mobile market. Their good proposals in the past have been consolidated with a strategy that now tends gradually to international expansion, not to mention the launch of new terminals. And today is precisely the presentation of their latest high-end smartphone.

It’s Xiaomi MI4, terminal that follows the footsteps of the Mi-One Xiaomi, Xiaomi Mi2 and Xiaomi Mi3 and returns to offer a promising proposal by its design and its famous ROM, MIUI both the choice of its hardware components.

The novelty of my 4 in terms of design is the presence of a frame that is made of stainless steel (curious choice), resulting in the introduction of this type of components in the production of a few devices that so far the plastic was absolute protagonist. The smartphone weighs 149 grams.

That plastic is also clear interest in the design of the new Mi4, but unless the metal make Act of presence – something that overtook yesterday – to give a Premium look to the frame that surrounds the device, and that reminds to the finish of the latest iPhone. The back – which is replaceable, and that allows you to attach some of the covers of their own design my showed in the presentation-that Yes, seeks to provide a finish simulating metal despite being made with plastic, an effect that we saw in the LG G3 and that in effect gives the feeling of having a construction Premium that many users value positively.

Moreover we have a design which side frames are very thin (only 0.3 mm, something that was also remarkable in the LG G3), while the upper and the lower are more bulky. That paragraph allows ourselves to a total width of 67.5 mm, that according to my is the smallest among the 5 inch screen devices. At the back we find the logo my at the bottom, on top is the camera and, under it (and not to one side, as in other devices), the Flash.

Lei Jun, CEO of MI, highlighted that the my 4 is ‘the terminal’ the world’s fastest. To support this claim is, above all, the quad – core processor, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 2.5 GHz which comes with 3 GB of RAM and storage capacity ranging between 16 and 64 GB.

While the rumours pointed to a 5.5-inch screen, the Mi 4 has a panel of 5 inches with Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels). In my highlight the process of lamination of this IPS display and the gamut of color that covers the 84 range NTSC. Equally remarkable is the fact that it is the first 4 G/LTE terminal of my. For now only used chips will only be compatible with LTE bands used in China, but he is expected to variants of my 4 with LTE chips compatible with bands used outside the Asian giant appearing in September. Connectivity comes complete with support WiFi 802. 11ac, WiFi Direct, Bluetooth 4.0, in addition to the GPS receiver and the NFC bracket.

One of the most noteworthy features is undoubtedly its battery, which has a capacity of 3,080 mAh and that probably provide the device of an autonomy that is remarkable, especially considering that this autonomy will not be too compromised by the diagonal of the screen or by resolution. The choice of 5 inches and a FullHD resolution are good choices to help that efficiency in consumption. This battery, they say, is able to endure a day and a half of ‘normal’ use without problems, and also offers a mode of fast load which makes that we have 60 of the battery in just one hour, another of the options that certainly help improve this section. Full recharging takes two and a half hours.

On the other hand, Xiaomi MI4 Smartphone is equipped with a rear camera 13 Mpixels with opening f1.8 (remarkable) thanks to the Sony IMX214 sensor, which also offers the ability to record video 4 K. The front camera is also remarkable: no less than 8 Mpixel and the same opening (f1.8) IMX219 sensor also Sony. The internal software is MIUI 6 – based on Android 4.4.2-, an edition which in fact is not yet available and that will appear on August 16. The Visual improvements that follow the trail of a custom ROM most elegant and renowned among users, many of which have adapted them to other devices that are not can be seen from my.

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Xiaomi Mi4 turns out to be leaked again

The new ship insignia of Xiaomi, Xiaomi Mi4, promises to be a spectacular phone and after nearly a year that has been his predecessor in the market, expected that this new model star brand not late very much come to light. Proof of this is that the leaks and rumors about the Xiaomi Mi4 are increasingly frequent and without going any further, make just a few days I showed what was supposed to be the first image of the Xiaomi Mi4 posing together with its predecessor, the Mi3. As well, today has appeared a new image that allegedly belongs to the future flagship of Chinese brand and is identical to that you saw in the first filtering, so it seems that rumors and information going in the right direction.

The new leaked image seems that it comes from the factory where new Xiaomi Mi4 would be taking place and corresponds with what it seems to be the process of tested of the phone. The one that in this new image Xiaomi Mi4 shows an identical aspect to which it had in the previous filtration does that the possibilities that this is the real design that will have the future phone of Xiaomi are higher.

If we centre what is the image and analyze it a little, we can see that new Xiaomi Mi4 would be of white color and would have a few very thin frames of screen. Beyond this there is little more that to stand out, since we can appreciate the typical details that have the majority of phones in his frontal part: the sensors of light and proximity, the front camera, the buttons capacitive in the part of below and in case of this Xiaomi Mi4 also the logo of the mark is present in the top left part.

As for the possible specifications that the future Xiaomi Mi4 Smartphone would have, there the things are still slightly definite and there are little trustworthy informations on this matter. One speaks that the phone might have conectividad 4G LTE, that the elected processor might be the Snapdragn 805 or perhaps Nvidia Tegra K1 and also they give themselves for made the presence of 3 GB of RAM and a camera of at least 16 MPx given by a well-known mark and of quality.

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ZTE Nubia Z7 Family from SpeMall

Today, the ZTE company in China has presented its new smartphones, covered in the family ZTE Z7 Nubia, which we had already heard about on occasion. It is, as we shall see below, three range stops, like each other, but each one with details that differentiate it.

ZTE Nubia Z7
The strong commitment shown by ZTE is the ZTE Nubia Z7, which incorporates important exclusive components that we will not see in his brothers. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 – 8974AC, the most powerful chipset – which is present in the family, in this phablet joined by a total of 3 GB of RAM, a combination that appears to be enough to move to perfection QHD resolution in its spectacular 5.5-inch screen, as we see in the LG G3 we analyzed a few days ago (East with 2 GB of RAM). There is also a Display RAM technology that the own LG introduced for the first time on LG G2, and that will help you obtain a lower energy consumption.

To all this, we must add a great – the paper-section photo, and it is that ZTE Nubia Z7 as main camera incorporates a system of 13 megapixel sensor BSI, optical stabilizer of image of second generation, opening f/2.0 and dual LED flash. The front camera is 5 megapixel.

ZTE Nubia Z7 Max

It remains curious that Nubia ZTE ‘Max’ Z7 version has the same diagonal size, when his own name invites us to think that it should be higher. Moreover, this model has generally lower compared to the model that gives its name to the family, and specifications for sample, 2 GB of RAM, Full HD resolution, smaller capacities in terms of connectivity, or a not so full – adios OIS. Even so, we cannot deny that this ZTE Nubia Z7 Max follow belonging to the ‘upper class’, even though it rests on Prince rather than King.

Then: to what does Max come that thing about? Good, alone ZTE knows it. The only thing that occurs to me is that it is possible to owe to this 100 mAh more of battery, because even in the measurements that the Chinese mark gives on his web page, the ZTE Nubia Z7 Max is smaller in height, and also thinner – perhaps it is a question of a misprint–. The price, since it is logical, also is low.

ZTE Nubia Z7 Mini

Finally, we also have a ‘mini’ version, which in this case does have logic regarding his companions, by staying in a 5-inch panel, which moreover shows again that these versions are growing pretty fast (both on screen and in specifications), leaving them the most ridiculous tagline.

In the ZTE Nubia Z7 mini a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 _chipset are also available, but in this case the MSM8974AA, which will have an impact in a lower frequency of CPU and GPU. The rest is completed with the same characteristics as we have seen in the ZTE Nubia Z7 Max, except for internal storage of 16 GB, a battery of 2300 mAh, and dimensions and lower weight, obviously.

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Simply the best: PIPO P1 from SpeMall

It seems that next month we could have new tablets with soc RK3288 in the market since it begins to look for have the PIPO P1 available for reservation. This new tablet features include the new Rockchip soc with a 9.7-inch Retina display. Also as I reported a few days ago will come with a system of Rockchip allowing multi windows and Android-based multitasking 4.4 KitKat.

The PIPO P1 will integrate Soc Rockchip RK3288 quad-core Cortex-A17 with a clock frequency which reaches the 1.6 GHz and a GPU Mali T764 which would triple in potency to the Mali-400. At the level of memory you will have 2 GB of RAM, 32 Gb of storage memory and will have wifi 5 G, GPS and Bluetooth 4.0. The screen will be 9.7 inch IPS type Retina with a resolution of 2048 × 1536 pixels. Also count with a battery of 10000mAh and cameras 2 and 5MP at the front and rear respectively. At the level of connectivity it has the usual USB port, 3.5 mm jack and MicroSD card reader.

The PIPO P1 Tablet PC is available to book on  where you can find 276.99$ for the model with 3 G. Interesting tablet that incorporates an Soc that can move a Retina display without problems perfectly priori.

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Android 4.3 Jelly Bean: its main innovations

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean: its main innovations. As we suspected because of the latest leaks of various smartphones and tablets, in which none of them showed a new operating system, Google has opted for launching an update of its operating system for mobile devices, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, rather than make the leap to a new generation. A new version to be presented formally before it reaches the month of August and which comes with some new releases, although none powerful, such and as expected in a new version that keeps the name ‘Jelly Bean’.

The truth is that the confirmation of the arrival of a 4.3 in Android Jelly Bean version implies that, at a minimum, we will not see the Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie until the end of this year. A delay of more than one year compared to the first rumors of his appearance, a time lag that had we used Google and in which you have had to do several factors, from the own interests to influence the release of new versions of rival operating systems.

Whatever the true reason, the reality is that we are at the gates of the launch of this 4.3 Android Jelly Bean, which comes with these improvements as major developments.

The primary means of interaction of the user with the operating system, the touch interface has been improved in aspects such as speed of response and precision, which allows a management more smooth and fluid, especially when moving between screens.

Although basically maintains the same functions he had in the previous version, the layout of controls has changed, from a circular menu to a higher arch, which can be accessed easily and quickly.

Already present in previous versions, this function is now integrated into more functions of the user, making access to numbers saved in the contacts list in different applications or functions that use much more agile (marking, WhatsApp, etc).

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean will be the first version of the operating system from Google that adds support for Connectivity Bluetooth LE, which at the level of performance is very similar to the users, but consumption much less battery power, being widely used in fitness and exercise, among other devices.

There is no owner of the operating system that does not have clear that today the difference between a reference SO and another of the heap is in applications that can be used. Why Google will incorporate more and better tools for the development of applications for this operating system.

These are the main novelties with which Google justifies the release of this new version of its operating system, one that advances the official presentations of the new iOS 7 and terminals with Firefox OS, the operating system for smartphones developed by Mozilla. Probably, your response to these two systems will come with Android 5.0, delayed until the end of the year, at the earliest.

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ZTE Nubia Z7, so is the new high range of ZTE

We have already several weeks in which rumors and leaks about the new model of the ZTE Nubia family are a constant. During the last few days there have been many news about the future ZTE Nubia Z7 and many of them were contradictory, so we were a little lost about what was going to present ZTE. As well, finally the presentation of the expected new Nubia family model has taken place today, and finally it has not been a single ZTE Nubia Z7, but which had been three. Three new phones from the Nubian family are the ZTE Nubia Z7 mini, ZTE Nubia Z7 Max and the new flagship of the brand, the ZTE Nubia Z7. If you want to know all the details and features of these interesting new three models all you have to do is continue reading.

This model is the smallest devices presented today, but nonetheless it’s an underpowered phone, otherwise, could compete without problems with the current high-end chip Snapdragon 801. Its 5 inch screen with FullHD resolution is which gives you the nickname of ‘mini’ to this model, since the other two presented devices are already within the market of the phablets with two screens of 5.5 inches. The complete hardware configuration of this ZTE Nubia Z7 mini is as follows:
* Screen IPS of 5 inches with resolution FullHD (1920×1080 pixels).
* Processor quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801.
* GPU Adreno 330.
* 2 GB of RAM. * 16 GB of internal storage.
* rear Chamber of 13 MPx with sensor of opening f/2.0 and front camera of 5 MPx.
* Dual SIM.
* 4G LTE.
* Battery of 2300 mAh.
* Android 4.4 with the layer of personalización Nubia UI.

In regards to design, it is very similar to the other two models but has smaller dimensions that sit atop the 140.9 x 69.3 x 8.2 mm, accompanied by a weight very content 142 grams. As a special feature of this model, it will be available in a wide range of colours including white, yellow or blue among others.

This Nubia Z7 Max is basically the same model as the ZTE Nubia Z7 mini but with a screen of 5.5 inches and a few obviously larger. Leaving aside the screen size, the rest of the specifications of this ZTE Nubia Z7 Max are identical to those of the mini model and leave the hardware of this phone configuration in the following manner:
* IPS screen of 5.5 inches FullHD (1920 × 1080 pixels) resolution.
* Quad – core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 801.
* GPU Adreno 330.
* 2 GB of RAM.
* 16 GB of internal storage.
* Rear 13 megapixel camera with Aperture f/2.0 / 5 megapixel front camera sensor.
* Dual SIM.
* 4 G LTE.
* Android 4.4 with Nubia UI customization layer.

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One of the best mark: Xiaomi MiPad from SpeMall

Xiaomi has obtained again, has returned it is to obtain again one of these records of rapidity of selling of which practically only they are capable of reaching. In this occasion the product protagonist was Xiaomi MiPad, the first awaited tablet of the Chinese mark that was put on sale for the first time yesterday On July 1. On the first day on the market, Xiaomi put on sale the not despicable at all number of 50.000 units of Xiaomi MiPad and managed to sell all of them and to exhaust them in only 3 minutes and 59 seconds.

It is hoped that the second remittance of units of this Xiaomi MiPad should be put on sale next July 8 and prevee that all of them also become exhausted with a spectacular rapidity, since not in vain, Xiaomi MiPad is probably one of the most powerful tablets of the market and nevertheless it has a really low price that average – fall is nearer to the devices of scale.

It already does not cause to us surprise that a new product of Xiaomi devastates in selling when it is released on the market, since the mark has a fans’ legion that come to his appointment with the shops whenever there is new throwing. The secret of this success is that Xiaomi can bring together as nobody a few specifications of height with a few really low prices and in case of this Xiaomi MiPad also this premise is fulfilled. So that you understand because there is so much interest in this piece of news tablet, the finished specifications of this Xiaomi MiPad Tablet PC are the following ones:
* Screen of 7.9 inches with resolution 2.048 x 1.536 pixels and recubrimiento protective Gorilla Glass 3.
* Processor Tegra K1 to 2.2 GHz.
* GPU based on the architecture Kepler that we can find in the graphic cards of the current computers.
* 2 GB of RAM.
* 16/64 GB of internal storage extendable by means of microSD of up to 128 GB.
* rear Chamber of 8 MPx with sensor of opening f/2.0 and front camera of 5 MPx.
* Battery of 6.700 mAh.
* MIUI based on Android 4.4 KitKat.

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Speed, Power in one device: Ramos I9 3G from SpeMall

Today will discuss only and exclusively a manufacturer mainly of tablets, along with Cube and Pipo is of the most recognized companies in the panorama of Chinese Tablet manufacturers, Ramos. The Chinese company has just launched the new Ramos i9 3G, with 8.9 inch screen Full HD and Intel processor. Ramos i9 3G, which is available since a few days ago is an update to the previous version.

Ramos took an old gem, which has been updated so that today it remains one of the best alternative if you are looking for a device of this size at a price very low, but also taking into account that Ramos is as we said before one of the most popular Chinese companies, that in addition to a beautiful design we have a good overall performance of the hardware.

Ramos has paid great attention to every single detail in terms of design, which has led the company to manufacture a tablet with a structure of aluminum on the sides. In addition, the Chinese company has done a great job minimizing the side frames to the maximum so that Ramos i9 3G, despite being a nearly 9-inch Tablet has dimensions of just 235 x 150 x 8.5 mm.

In terms of the technical features of Ramos i9 we have a dual core processor Intel Z2580 which operates at a speed of 2.0 GHz, GPU PowerVR SGX544 MP2, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB of expandable storage, screen of 8.9 inches IPS Full-HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels with a viewing angle of 178 °, 2 megapixel camera located on the front and a 5 megapixel camera on the back.

To complete the package of specifications 4.2.2 Android operating system have Jelly Bean, WiFi, Bluetooth, OTG, a battery of 6500 mAh, and of course, 3G connectivity. At that time Ramos i9 3G Tablet PC is sold for a price of 236.99, SPECIAL price at SpeMall.

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Good Tablet at Good Price from SpeMall: Bmorn K22

We will talk about a Tablet that stands out for its very low price, with respect to its configuration. It is an option that we will look at in each of its main components. Really looking at your settings quickly, no delve much to know that is a good option to purchase its outstanding price as stated before.

Bmorn K22 Tablet PC has a 7.0-inch screen size and supports a resolucion:1280 × 800. The display offers excellent resolution, I say excellent already that its price is very well this type of screen. This Tablet has a 178° visible viewing angle.  It has ability to detect 5 pressure points at the same time.

The OS is Android 4.1 version. Upgrade the operating system sometimes is not so much problems for certain Chinese brands, since the community of developers in this country, and some developers in many parts of the world, working on new versions of Android for a multitude of Tablets Chinese. It has a 4000 mAh battery.

The processor is a quad-core Cortex-A9 with a clock speed of 1.5 GHz, has a thickness of only 7.2 mm. It has two chambers, the principal is 2 megapixels. Middle School, which is the front, featuring VGA resolution.Not be if behaved well in the charts, since it has a Dual GPU Core. It has a really decent storage capacity, its internal memory is 8 GB, if this capability is not sufficient you, you won’t have any problems, this Tablet can expand the memory with a MicroSD card of up to 32 gigabytes. If you do use of storage in the cloud you can further boost its capacity.

It has a jack for headphones (headphones).  A mini USB port, HDMI, interface to restart which is the same as reset. A MicroSD card slot. It also has support OTG allowing you to connect devices to the Tablet such as modems, mouse, keyboard and other compatible devices. It has an aluminum body, this means that it is much better, the material used, some big brands, which used to manufacture their Tablets. Aluminum material promises a good Tablet Bmorn K22 resistance to the passage of time.

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