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USA Congress Require Black Box fixed in Each Car.

It was reported by foreign press after the Toyota recall event, USA Congress was planning to fix a black box in every car. As to meet this demand, global chipset tycoon Intel is devoting to researching new generation car black … Continue reading

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Good In-car Accessories – Car DVR Camera-Car Black Box.

Every time when there is a traffic accident, there is a dispute. The traffic cop can only draw the scene of accident as the two parties in the dispute. It is little thing if there is just vehicle damage. It … Continue reading

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HP Will Give up Tablet PC Business –

The largest global PC manufacturer HP expressed they were considering divide up the personal computer business and at same time declared they would give up the tablet PC business. This news had been discussed by the insiders for more than … Continue reading

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Samsung GALAXY Tab10.1 VS Apple iPad2 –

Here’s a comparision of Samsung GALAXY Tab10.1 &  Apple iPad2 on our consumer electronics wholesale store’s offical blog, let’s see the following details. Samsung tablet PC GALAXY Tab 10.1 was firstly on sale on August 27 in China. Meanwhile, patent-infringement … Continue reading

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Tablet PC Is Nibbling the Microsoft Market –

As tablet PC and mobile phones can handle more and more tasks which were accomplished by PC, the dominant position of Microsoft Windows is currently facing the most outstanding challenge. Windows had 15 years of history and still vital importance … Continue reading

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In 2016 97% Smart Phone Adopt Touch Screen?

ABI Research released latest consume electronics report, which claimed that 97% smart phone will employ touch screen in 2016. “It is screen and touch control technical which boost the development of smart phone.” The report stated, “The relative economic resistance … Continue reading

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India Promoted $99 Android Tablet.

August 19 of Beijing time, an unknown private company, Lakshmi Access Communications Systems (abbreviation “LASC” below) promoted a $99 Android tablet PC in India on Friday. Insider pointed out, more and more Indian, especially ones in country and remote areas, … Continue reading

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Chinese Tablet PC Start to Divide up Market Share of Apple iPad.

Apple had occupied 70% of Chinese tablet PC market, which will keep for long term? Absolutely No! Then who can break the Apple’s dominant position? It is Chinese tablet PC. In fact, Apple’s market share is gradually decreasing–Late of last … Continue reading

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Android Hint to Promote Android Chrome Browser.

It is reported on August 24 of perking time, Android white brand browser will return WebKit. The browser of Android tablet PC and mobile phone is based on the open source browser engine WebKit. For a long time there is … Continue reading

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News: Jobs Resign as Apple CEO on Augest 24.

It is reported by on August 25 of perking time, the board of Apple had just declared Apple CEO Steve Jobs sent a letter to resign the position of CEO and appoint Apple COO Cook to take over. Jobs was … Continue reading

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