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Skype is undoubtedly the best and the most popular way for video chat. And with its presence in Android and iOS other than Windows, Mac and Linux, it has surely become an amazing program for video chat. So, lots of our customers were asked for an android tablet PC which can support Skype video chat. And now, here they comes.

As we all know, you can rarely find a cheap China tablet PC which can support skype video calling nowadays. And now there’re three model of tablet PC with different size are available in our site. They all comes with Amlogic Cortex A9 1G Processor, android 2.3 OS, available with 7 inch (SKU:ATP1038), 8inch (SKU:ATP1040) and 10 inch (SKU:ATP1037). You can check the linked picture with more details for every device.

In term of the appearance, we can see, the 7″ one and the 10 inch tablet PC are actually one model with different size. they’re manufactured from the same company, both comes with the most popular Cortex A9 processor,one called: C71,and the 10 inch one called: C91.

The C91is comes with a 10.2 inch high resolution 1024*600 capacitive touch screen, with built-in bluetooth and camera, RJ-45 slot, and a 4000mAH battery. It’s a really good tablet for movies and internet browsing…

The 7 inch one is more portable, and it will be one of the most conpetitive 7inch android 2.3 tablet PC among the market with under $200, it’s on sale for $158 with free shipping in our site, really attractive! A real worthwhile tablet I should say! :)

Now, lets talk about the 8inch one: it’s also comes with Cortex A9, and we called it: E98. This tablet can be called a “HD tablet PC” because it comes with a 1024*768 high reasolution screen which just like the iPad 2, and this tablet PC has a long battery life.

So, Which one would you prefer? Are there any of your interest? If you need a tablet with Skype video chat, here’s the right place! Welcome to, enjoy your shopping!

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