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As the title says stay blog we must realize that it is a new product Ainol! This product can not be Ainol launch than with the SpeMall team, as every time it was up to date with everything that’s been going on in this wonderful world of tablets or better said a gadget of last generation. Like I said SpeMall that improve Ainol and life, continued to support this, to tell you and why, or who are the main factors underlying this affirmations. you need to acknowledge each of us because we are in continuous movement, sometimes no longer have time to do certain things which you propose. Other lines have to do certain things in a very short time. Well, when it comes to such requirements, a person is very much help a tablet to succeed to make work!

All our help we can say that it is the Tablet when we want to do more things at the same time. Let’s imagine a situation. We are working on the way to work, receive an email to which you must respond urgently, we can do it in the car than a tablet. It is a must for today’s days a tablet, I assure you of this. Once you get used to it, you will be when you change the pace and will have to deal with. If it sounds tempting to you and you want to try to see how life is with a tablet, to see how much things are simplified, we expect you to order one of the tablets on our website You will find here a wide range of tablets for tastes jumping at the same time for each Pocket!

Today we are talking about a Tablet Ainol! If you have watched and other products with Ainol came out on the market, all with the help of tablets SpeMall will you realize the quality and functionality of the Ainol tablets. When you talk about quality, you need to recall his tablets pass through two filters. One when the tablets coming out of the factory Ainol and one when the products go to you from SpeMall. Are very carefully checked for you to get the best quality products. In this way we do our job but more importantly it will thank you as a client! I said earlier that when it comes to quality, I have to tell you that we mean quality of aesthetics and functional. Do we want to have tablets there a hidden defect or else you wouldn’t appeal to you!

Today we assist to a premier maker of Ainol. For the first time brought out the market a Ainol tablet with a special dimension to the manufacturer. It is the first tablet with a 9.7-inch screen. In this chapter, the broadcast works and technology used in the construction of display. is a tablet with the RETINA Screen designed for the clearest and most realistic images. The Tablet is distinguished by a very important detail for us, those who are waiting anxiously. Is distinguished by the fact that it has a quad-core processor. A very powerful processor that makes surfing the internet to be incredibly quick. You will not feel the difference between a laptop and a quad-core tablet. Everything related to the processor must call the games on the new Ainol Novo 9 Firewire are the most true experiences.

I’ll tell you without hesitate, you’ll seem like how 3D games runs on this artwork in terms of tablets! Here the ‘ premiere ‘ because we have to say that the Tablet has 2 Firewire Ainol Novo9 DDR3 is the first tablet created by Ainol also has a memory! Have to do an exercise of imagination is very simple, let’s think a little about this tablet specs and we realize very easy as it is a full tablet that can do the job anywhere we want and we are always connected to what’s been going on in the world! Ainol Novo9 Firewire Tablet features a very large battery, 8,000 mAp which make of it a gadget very resistant.

With Ainol Novo 9 Firewire capture the most pleasurable moments and we look and the others with two cameras, front and on the back of the device. Two rooms are very good in terms of quality. The front is 2 Mpx, ideal for video conferencing, will say that supports very well and very easy Skype conference. The Camera on the back of the device for 5-megapixel camera, ideal to capture the portraits, landscapes and other images that are enjoyable. With the help of social networks and the tablets do as beautiful moments captured on film to be shown and others!

From our description I hope you have an idea that the Ainol Novo9 Firewire Tablet is a tablet ideal for our day. SpeMall team is waiting for you to take advantage of our shop and offer to pre-order this tablet at a special price!

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