Portability in one device: ONDA V812 from SpeMall.

To keep pace with Android tablets that I have presented in the days have passed, today we will talk about a tablet which in turn has a quad-core processor. It looks like these are tablets of last generation. Is it the end it was dual-core tablets?! It seems like it is. Considering that we are in a continuous progress and constantly moving, you need to be aware and we seem to us with the idea that all will be constantly increasing, especially things that have to do with technology. You need to have in mind for the day to day at the major manufacturers of tablets come with something new, always want to be better than other companies. All the time something new will appear that will have us and we seem to accept the concept of evolution processes. In the case of these devices, you have to say but that this progress is fast enough! The progress of these devices we’re talking about brings us but a big win, the technology, let’s think a little. Who wouldn’t want more technology?! Who does not want to have always devices, tablets, in our case, the latest generation?! I think everyone would want such things. Well, we want to buy are the ones that benefit primarily the competition of the major manufacturers of tablets and rapid progress of technology!

Today we are talking about a product of the rapid progress that we talked about earlier. It is a tablet manufacturer ONDA. The Tablet as I recalled at the beginning has a quad-core processor and it’s about ONDA V812! ONDA V812 Tablet is a tablet with a futuristic design, keep in mind the specific characteristics of the producer mostly Onda. The Tablet is a very powerful, in my opinion. Say it is strong for many reasons. The first reason would be that it has a very good processor From Allwinner which is a quad-core processor with high performance. Is a next generation processor that ONDA looks like it has put several tablets in the range that has managed to get on the market.

Another great advantage of this tablet in Tablet is the same for ONDA V812 has more DDR3 memory. Yes, you guessed it, the Tablet does not receive only 1 she gets this time as her older sister’s ONDA V972 gets 2 g DDR3. It is a very important step made by the manufacturer because through the ONDA 2 g will be very easy to open more applications simultaneously without the tablet to block or to run less than usual. Imagine a little, we can run a full HD movie but at the same time if we got bored, we can play a 3D game or to check your mail. It’s one thing that really comes in our help because all we want to do more things at the same time. Well, ONVA V812 help us do this by specs related to memory and CPU!

We’re talking now about the tablet display ONDA V812, will say that it is one of the best quality with a very good resolution of 1024 * 768. The size of the display is 8 inches which makes it to be only good for those who consider his 7-inch tablets are too small or the 9.7 inch are too high. Dispaly is created based on IPS technology that makes the tablet to be well visible from any angle! La ONDA v812 is appreciated and the quality of the materials from which it is made, the back is made of aluminum, this is ideal for us when we operate very much on this tablet is the chance that the processor device to warm up. Appreciated as the Tablet is very well understood from the point of view of the design and the materials that were used in its construction.

ONDA has incorporated V812 Tablet this time a battery of 4800de mAp that makes reading our last long enough. We have to take into account that ONDA V812 Tablet comes with 2 cameras. The first camera that is located on the front of the device is positioned in the front and is 0.3 megapixels, ideal for video-conferencing. The Camera on the back of the device for 5-megapixel camera and using them one can observe the most beautiful moments in a very good quality. We can say that indeed we can take pictures and we can even print such a quality.

With their ONDA we V812 really have portability at your discretion whether we refer to the internet, movies, or games. We have access to them at any time at any time with just a Tablet ONDA V812!

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