Reasons for Delayed Delivery to Russion and Sincere Apology to our Customers.

Recently, some of our customers from Russion are complaining about the delayed delivery.  We’re really sorry for that.
Due to the Express warehouse Explosion and Bad Weather in Russion, customers in our site who choosed China post and Singapore post may can not arrived in time.

Here you can check the local news from Russion Post with details:
1,Express warehouse explosion:
The explosive growth of incoming international mail of Russion made the Express warehouse explosion.

2,Freezing rain may affect the delivery of mail:
Freezing rain in Russion can lead to malfunction mail transport and affect the timely delivery of mail recipients.

we’re really sorry for the inconvenience caused to you, as this is really beyond our control. But don’t worry, this situation will be improved after Christmas, hope you can understand, and please be more patient!
In this case, we’ll be very appreciated with any of your understanding, Thanks a lot!

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