SpeMall shows us the most complete tablets! Onda V972 Welcome To PreOrder!

SpeMall team is happy to provide a measure of how you’ve already used, a tablet that after i read the specs would no longer need presentation. It is Tablet ONDA V972.

ONDA maker through this tablet has managed to surpass himself this time. At the same time managed to put in all that is best in terms of the components used in the construction of these  android tablets. ONDA V972 comes with the best CPU that can be put on tablets of last generation, namely Allwinner A31 Quad Core. This processor makes the tablet to move in an astonishing way. It is understood that this processor has 4 smaller processors who make the tablet to V972 ONDA can compare anytime with a laptop or a laptop. If we think a little, and we imagine that we have access to and signal whireless very good, we want to navigate on the internet will load almost instantly.

If you characterize in a Word this tablet. This word would you SPEED. All we like our gadgets to have a larger speed, here I mean the respuns speed, the speed of operation of the system on which you have the Tablet and the speed at which you can surf on the internet. Well, we can say that this tablet is great for all those who love speed. Memory 2G RAM does nothing to make the tablet to ‘ fly ‘ when is started. It should be taken into account that this tablet is one of the first tablets to ONDA who receives instead of 1G, 2G DDR3. It is a major improvement in my opinion. With more storage space DDR we have more freedom of movement, we can open many more applications without the tablet to block or to work harder. It is truly an improvement brought by the manufacturer if the device ONDA V972.

Another gratifying thing for us, prospective buyers would be the same as the Tablet comes with a screen that has a resolution all too good, in fact if we are good and we think it is about the best you can get resolution, 2048 x 1536px. Yes, it’s true, ONDA V972 Quad Core Tablet gets RETINA SCREEN and dance. We can say that is all the rage and the gate now that the best tablet to come up with a resolution. This is to our advantage, those who like very much Full HD movies (I’m a real pleasure) or those who love 3D games. It is a true delight to watch but at the same time you can reach the RETINA SCREEN.

Another thing important to us is that the Tablet has V972 cover ONDA at the back of the aluminum. Will say and why! We all know that sometimes because the Tablet is used more or open more applications, its processor is heating up. Well, for Tablet ONDA V972 is not a problem we all know that poured aluminum cools us very quickly and therefore the Tablet processor would be better protected. So amazing ALLWINNER A31 won’t have any problem in order to provide to its normal capabilities!

To show how it’s fast but at the same time to look and performance of the device V972, ONDA SpeMall team made a Benchmark test. We can say that the results speak for themselves. It really is a good score is obtained by us at SpeMall namely 11096. It is a very good score that makes the Tablet ONDA V 972 to be situated in a graphic directly below the HTC One X and ASUS Transformer, they are little better than this tablet. But under the Tablet ONDA V972 are other devices which have been heard, which costs a lot but it seems because the performances are under the ONDA V972, some of these would be: Samsung Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy Tab, HTC Deside HD devices are much more expensive but have weaker performance than ONDA!

The Tablet does not disappoint even then ONDA when it comes to the images that we can surprise you with dance. Side of the camera has a 2 megapixel camera which is ideal for video conferencing, we recommend here Skype! The Camera on the back of the device is 5 megapixels and captures very well the most beautiful pictures even in panorama mode. Another very good thing this tablet is that it is very very thin, the Tablet is very well and carefully constructed to create a comfort when they keep in hand. It feels like an expensive tablet, if we can make a joke, but a tablet at a price more than decent, considering the performance shows in our face!

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