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Four reasons to buy Xiaomi Hongmi Note (Redmi Note)

Xiaomi Hongmi Note Redmi Note Xiaomi Hongmi Note Smartphone

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Posted 03 April 2014 - 06:19 AM

Throughout most of people are concerned about Xiaomi Hongmi Note, at the end, why many people like this smartphone? beacuse this smartphone have the reasonable price and large screen, and its performance also very powerful. Here, I summarize four reasons, let's see the detailed analysis.


1, Configuration have greatly improvement

Mediatek launched real octa core processor, which is originally want to impact in the field of high-end, but many manufacturers used it in the low-end and middleend machine. Although this is not a good news for mediatek, for users, it is definitely a good thing.

Carrying octa core processor Xiaomi Hongmi Note performance obtained significantly improvement, and its price is reasonable, the cost performance is outstanding. The test points is not accurate reduction actual performance, but it can be as a reference.


AnTuTu benchmark 28000 + is the high end level, playing big games and watching high-definition video are very smooth, cost performance is higher than the original Xiaomi Hongmi Smartphone. From the configuration, the original Xiaomi Hongmi Smartphone is very difficult to play large 3D games, at the same time, system will occasionally slow, these problems will have greatly improved in Xiaomi Hongmi Note.

On the other hand, Xiaomi Hongmi Note battery capacity is 3200 mah, the battery life is not a problem, this is also one of the advantages for large mobile phone. In addition, the battery can be removed, even if it have not power, we can also replace the battery.

All in all, from configuration, Xiaomi Hongmi Note is indeed very special.

2, Large Screen

Even screen resolution is 720 p, Xiaomi Hongmi Note 5.5 inch screen still can bring us a better experience. For white-collar worker, large scrren mobile phone absolutely is the "weapon" to kill boring time, watching video have more wide field of vision. If you have a similar demand, Xiaomi Hongmi Note is very suitable for you.

In addition, the material of the screen is better than the small screen version Xiaomi Hongmi Smartphone, in addition to the color is more bright-coloured, visual Angle of the screen also obtained the large promotion, this will be one of the factors for many users to choose Xiaomi Hongmi Note.

3, Good MIUI experience

Although I personally think MIUI design is not beautiful, if you pursuit practical, so the system really is for you. Smooth and fluent experience, convenient file management, powerful notification bar, intelligent mobile phone address book... These are the advantages of MIUI.

If you are running the beautiful MIUI, red rice Note also worth buying. But if you just want to experience the beautiful MIUI, then brush on other brand mobile phone can also be a beautiful MIUI system.

4, Cheap

Even if manufacturers do marketing everywhere, the price still is the most concern of the friends. Flagship machine, of course, is the most worth buying product, but many people do not have enough budget to buy them, this is why XIAOMI product so popular. Relative to Xiaomi Hongmi Note Smartphone configuration, its price is very affordable.

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