Creative Huawei Honor 7i

Huawei Honor 7i is first flip camera phone. The flip Angle can reach 180 °, and compared with rotating camera that the first launch of OPPO, flipping the camera manually is more power-saving than flipping by electricity. And the volume is smaller, which can save more space. Unlike OPPO N3 is thick and long, the size of Huawei Honor 7i is 141.6 x71.2 x7.8 mm and 160g in weight.

The benefit of the flip camera, compared to a traditional camera is that you can take pictures by many angles. The camera of the Honor 7i is raised so you should be carefully protect your lens. However it is made of sapphire mirror, which improves the wearability and anti-scrape. Everybody is of great concern in the quality of the flip camera. Huawei officials say the camera under laboratory condition can withstand 50 kilograms of weight, according to the fatigue calculation, lens can flip 100000 times, but actually, only time will give us an answer.
The speaker of Glory 7i is similar with the design of Honor 7. It is placed in the bottom of the fuselage. Both sides have a hole. Only the one on the left is useful and the one on the right side is just for the symmetry to pseudo speaker hole.

Glory 7i adopts the latest FPC series 1145 fingerprint sensor, which can do side fingerprint identification. But probably because recognition area is smaller, when the number we input fingerprint more, the relatively slower it is. When playing with mobile phones with the right hand, you need to use the middle finger or the index finger to unlock, I don’t have that habit to do that.

The flip camera and side fingerprint recognition of Honor 7i makes us see Huawei seeking differentiation innovation of the product. But in the fierce competition of mobile phone market, let’s just wait and see if Huawei’s innovation could let more consumers pay!

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One of the highlights of Huawei Honor 7i is 180-degree-rotating camera

Huawei Honor 7i is officially released recently and the 180-degree-rotating camera is the biggest selling point. It is obvious that flip lens brings the convenience. Huawei Honor 7i is likely to bring about a new trend.

For smartphones, how important is the camera? The answer is self-evident. The vigorous development of mobile Internet greatly stimulates the application of social apps and image sharing is the most important thing in social applications. Under the trend of The Times, almost any released new mobile phone must account for photographing effect and what the outstanding advantages are compared with competing goods, while Huawei Honor 7i features differentiation advantage – lens can be reversed.
The flipping lens, as a creation for the hardware is a different approach. In the past, the mobile phone manufacturers have been improved camera pixels and the main “take” phones are generally used is the manner in which ascending front-facing camera photographing result. Now, you can easily take a selfie with the Huawei Honor 7i equipped with a reverse camera. As a result, a selfie with high definition and a more realistic effect becomes easy and shooting large buildings is also not a problem.

Rotating lens is very convenient, but how long it can flip is a problem. To this, 2012 laboratory of Huawei come in handy. Under the strict test, it is proved that under the condition of flipping 136 times a day, the flip camera can reverse two years without damage. It is interesting to note that bearing capacity of reversible lens is good. It can bear the 50 kg weight. This kind of performance, to a great extent, can reassure people for camera damage and it is safe to rotate and take photos!

Besides flip camera the “killer app”, Huawei Honor 7i also provides automatic skin care, beauty makeup mode and take filter effect. It is important to note that Huawei Honor 7i at the side of the fuselage is equipped with the fingerprint function, in addition to support mobile payment settlement lock; it also can realize fingerprint photos that is really cool enough.

For the price, Huawei Honor 7i can be classified as a middle-range model. There are mobile version, telecom version, double 4 g version and full netcom version. There is a selection of 3 kinds of appearance including glacier white, beach golden and island blue.

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The best way to save your valuable wet smartphone

Don’t panic should your smartphone got wet in heavy downpour as part of your pocket or as a result of spillage of water, coffee or tea accidentally. Just follow these easy steps to find out it running again. These might definitely allow you to useful wet smartphone.

1. We all know that cell phone warranties will not pay for physical and damage from water. There is a simple option to finding whether your phone is water damaged or not. Look at battery receptacle and the battery. Handset manufacturers mostly place tiny stickers that are usually white, though the hue of these stickers switch to red or pink when they make contact with moisture within the phones.
2. Switch off the unit immediately as soon as possible after your handset gets wet. Then quickly install it on soft cloth or sponges. Get rid of the back cover, battery, storage device, Sim and gently dry those. Do not forget to eliminate all add-on accessories such as headphones which covers ports and slots, by doing so we expose the top’s ports and slots to air.

3. Just be sure you wipe your device thoroughly using a soft cloth. Whenever possible, utilize a small vacuum cleaner to draw the water out of the phone, but do not use hair dryers. Be mindful and do not support the vacuum too near the device.

4. Put your handset within an air-tight container or even a dry plastic bag which has a desiccant including silica gel which you can purchase in 5gm sachets from electronic stores on the market. If you cannot find this stuff, there’s an alternate solution for this. Bury the telephone in a bag or bowl of uncooked rice overnight as rice gets drier the moisture.

5. Do not be in a big hurry to exchange on the phone, wait for around one day. Before restarting make sure that your device %u2013 compartments, ports and crevices look dry and are clean.

Even after doing each one of these things in case your phone will not boot, eliminate the battery and go to the service center near to you.

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Experience of Xiaomi Redmi Note 2

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 features the 5.5-inch 1080p FHD display for playing easily in different scenarios. With sun screen based version: you can adjust the global contrast. Even you can clearly browse it under the sun. It supports the luminescent screen: the brightness is as low as 1 CD / ㎡ in the dark environment, which makes you reading clearly and then has an eye protection at the same time.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 has 5 kinds of colors, meticulously designed for young people including white, black, yellow, blue and pink. Each color displays different youth! The mobile phone is equipped with a new beautiful MIUI 7 system, which runs more smoothly.
With 3060 mah large-capacity removable battery, the battery life of Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 lasts longer. The package will carry with a 5 v / 2 a rechargeable charger.

The mobile phone uses OmniVision 5million pixels front-facing camera and 36 level intelligent beauty, which lets beauty more real. Adopting PDAF phase focus technology, it only takes 0.1 seconds to complete the focusing when using simply calculation on the 13 million pixels rear camera.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 supports infrared remote control.

There is no difference between the double card slots of Redmi Note 2. It supports double 4 g mobile Unicom. When inserting into the two SIM CARDS, only one card can identify 4g networks. In terms of configuration, this mobile phone screen is equipped with a 5.5 -inch 1080 p, built-in MTK annual flagship processor, Helio X10 8 nuclear 64 A53 architecture; contains 2 gb memory + 16 gb / 32 gb storage, removable battery 3060 mah capacity and equipped with a new beautiful MIUI 7 system. The Antutu mark runs as high as 54024.

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 is priced at $184.99 For Buyers Now

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2, that has been announced a week ago, is currently available only for Chinese markets. However, the most popular Chinese retailer, Spemall is now selling the Redmi Note 2 for buyers around the globe.

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 was announced at the time in the event the premium flagship from Samsung. The Galaxy Note 5 has also been launched. The Samsung flagship carries high-end specs using a hefty price, nevertheless the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 is really a breathtaking budget smartphone that is included with impressive specs.
The Redmi Note 2 measures 152 x 76 x 8.2 mm and weighs 160 grams. It comes with a 5.5 inches display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Redmi Note 2 is available in two inbuilt storage editions, including 16 GB and 32 GB options.

The 16 GB Redmi Note 2 is powered by the Helio X10 (MTK6975) chipset from MediaTek. It makes an optimum processing speed of two GHz. The 32 GB model, known as the Redmi Note 2 Prime, also features precisely the same chipset; nonetheless it generates a faster clocking speed of 2.2 GHz. In line with the GSM Arena directory the handset, Redmi Note 2 supports 32 GB of SD card on its external storage.

The Redmi Note 2 comes with a rear camera of 13-megapixel and so on the leading, you will find there’s selfie shooter of 5-megapixel. The handset will not feature the newest 5.1.1 Lollipop version of Android but come with the older 5. Lollipop firmware. Additionally, it features the Xiaomi MIUI 7 software.

The handset supports dual-SIM cards, in fact it is enabled with connectivity options like 4G LTE, 3G and Bluetooth. Xiaomi has contained a massive battery of 3,060 mAh capacity for the device.

Even so the device is exclusively accessible in China; Spemall is giving the unlocked Redmi Note 2 with 16 GB storage creating a competitive expense of $184.99. It is actually selling the Redmi Note 2 in black, pink, blue, yellow and white for worldwide customers.

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Find Out How Many Registered for Invites in 3 Days

OnePlus enthusiasts wanting to get their hands on the upstart Chinese smartphone company’s second “flagship killer,” the OnePlus 2, looks forward to more buzz in the “turn up” events organized by the company Friday in cities worldwide.

In India, some 2,000 wannabe users happen to be invited to two sell-out events — in Delhi and Bangalore — in which the company’s staff will demonstrate the product’s features, and give away invites to use to buy the phone.

On paper, OnePlus hasn’t disappointed its fans with all the pricing in India for the 64GB version, offering top-of-the-range specs, for example the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset, laser-focused 13MP camera, a fingerprint scanner as well as a new bamboo back cover.
The value is about half that of the launch expense of the Samsung Galaxy S6, which hasn’t sold as initially anticipated. The aggressive positioning to the OnePlus 2 also reflects how Chinese competitors, including Xiaomi Corp., equally well-famous for price-to-specs benchmarks, take share from trade leader Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

Worldwide, OnePlus has received a lot more than 2million registrations from those people who are seeking invites in order to pick the OnePlus 2.

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OnePlus 2 is on the top among the new mobile phones

OnePlus 2 is the second generation product of OnePlus, which still adhere to its own design concept. The technology made a certain progress compared to the first generation. It belongs to the one with lower price. OnePlus offers a variety of configuration. The system carries Snapdragon 810 eight dragon core processor, Adreno 430 graphics processor and 5.5 inch 1080p IPS – NEO negative LCD screen, 5 million pixels front-facing camera, 13 million pixels rear camera (support optical image stabilization and laser focus), 3300 mah battery (sealed), etc. Combination of memory is divided into 3GB RAM+16GB ROM and 4GB RAM+64GB ROM, which reaches the top level. OnePlus 2 has built-in 3300 mah battery, which supports rapid charging technology and the standby time can last more than 1 day.
OnePlus 2 contains five versions: sandstone black version, bamboo qualitative version, black apricot, sour branch, kay fulla version, which can meet the personalized needs of consumers sufficiently. The outstanding work is relatively rare compared to other models with the same price. The OnePlus 2 phone is only 9.85 mm thick. The weight of bare handset is only 9.85 175 g, which is heavier than the first generation and carries much easily. OnePlus 2 is equipped with 2 visual areas of a 5.5 -inch touch screen. The screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. The pixel density is as high as 403 ppi, far above the retina screen standards, quality is very exquisite, and the display effect is compared with the first generation product slightly ascending. OnePlus 2 adopts touch fingerprint sensor and the unlocking speed is 0.36s. In the aspect of software configuration, OnePlus 2 pick up their hydrogen system based on the Android 5.1.1 depth optimization and using flat design style. It provides a variety of gestures to control options.

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The most graphic sense of 4G mobile phone in market: OnePlus 2

OnePlus 2 continue to adopt true design concept, which looks richer and more attentively, compared with OnePlus 1 generation in terms of color and shell material. There are 5 back cover versions: black sandstone version (standard), bamboo version, black apricot version, sour branch version and kay fulla version, which bring you more extreme experience. After all, you need to bring your phone in hand the whole day and night. Perfect tactility has been very important for OnePlus phone. It is more important than the product configuration, performance and so on; plus, the new design of OnePlus 2 looks stunning than OnePlus 1 generation.
OnePlus 2 uses a 5.5-inch 1080p IPS cell technology in the screen, and continue to use suspension design of the screen. The display effect is really good. There is a built-in Snapdragon 810 eight core processor and the memory combination of 3GB RAM+16GB ROM/4GB RAM+64GB ROM in the core, which can run hydrogen interface smoothly based on the Android 5.1 OS kernel. There is a 13 million pixel rear lens on the back, which can achieve 0.2 seconds laser focus and support OIS optical image stabilization containing double LED lights, and the corresponding 5 million pixels front cameras.

The design of OnePlus 2 is not only eye-catching but also the experience also does well. The handset adopts USB Type-C charging interface that is consistent with new Apple Macbook. The interface can be both positive and negative random insertion. Its charging line is designed with flat shape, which is better to receive and carry. The press type fingerprint sensor is built in OnePlus 2. You can complete recognition within 0.36s and it also supports Alipay to pay, which improves the portability of the handset. The screen is adopted suspension design as well as a more “transparent” negative LCD screen technology, which can effectively reduce the heat and power consumption of the screen.

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Earn some design finesse and a better camera on OnePlus 2

OnePlus 2 was launched amidst much fan fare considering it was the first virtual reality launch of your smartphone ever. The unit packs using some impressive specifications as well as has prices originating in Rs 22,999 with the 16GB version. The OnePlus 2 will launch in India on August 11. So before we start discussing performance numbers, this is the quick first impressions about the latest flagship phone from OnePlus which it offers already touted as ‘2016 Flagship Killer’.

The OnePlus 2 has redesigned the perimeters to some degree though the rear side allows you to feel in the home. The sandstone black cover, which is now easily removable, has that familiar coarse feeling. The phone incorporates a slightly curved design about the back which supports using the grip. The sides hold a metallic treatment with champfering within the edges take that classy look.
On the right side for the top portion, there is the power/standby and volume rocker buttons. The very best edge has the 3.5mm audio jack and also at the camp you have the USB Type-C port in the centre flanked by two speaker grilles – which is new. Around the left side you might have notifications notch referred to as the Alert slider that features a nice feedback to it. It helps you control notifications by sliding it from bottom to top.


OnePlus 2 has really dressed to the nines (p) the digital camera department. You get yourself a 13MP rear camera with a pixel size of 1.3 microns. Also your camera will come with an optical image stabiliser that will help you take stutter free images and videos. We will need to see if this sounds as impressive since the one we had seen for the LG G4. Another impressive feature for the rear camera may be the laser auto-focus mechanism. Financial institutions help the focus acquisition speed. However, the important test from the rear camera will lie with low light photography, and that is was actually not impressive whatsoever on the OnePlus One. On the front you do have a 5MP camera for selfie. You program is fairly completely different from one seen on OnePlus One at the same time.

One Plus 2 is already arrived. Welcome to contact us for more information.

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Poll: maybe you’ve changed your brain when OnePlus 2 has launched?

We recently held a poll asking if our readers would find the OnePlus 2, you will discover the surprising results here as well as a new poll asking what you believe now the phone is official.

The other day and before the official launch from the OnePlus 2 we asked readers for taking a poll asking “Are you going to buy the OnePlus Two?”. From 946 votes only 15% of readers said they’d happily choose the OnePlus 2 once it might be on the 11th August. 33% of readers aid them not to buy the phone, and the remaining %52 said they planned to wait and find out.
Well now that the OnePlus 2 has launched along with the official specifications released you should know for those who have changed your mind?

For anybody that have missed information read the total OnePlus 2 specifications here, or should you haven’t time listed here is a quick shabby;

Just what OP2 has:
5.5-inch 1080 display
Snapdragon 810
16-64GB memory
Style swap covers
Dual SIM
5 mega-pixel front
3300mAh battery
13 mega-pixel camera with OIS

Do you still want to purchase the OnePlus 2 since they have launched? Please let me know your answer:

A: Yes, it’s good as I thought.
B: No, I will not buy it.
C: I will wait for a review.

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