Letv 1s with metal fuselage + fingerprint identification is on sale today

In the end of last month, Letv released Letv 1s in Beijing. It would start to sell at 10 a.m. on Letv mall, jingdong mall.

The biggest difference between Letv 1s and the former generation products is that the fingerprint recognition and the metal body. The processor is upgraded to mediatek processor Helio X10 Turbo.

On the specifications, Letv phone 1s adopts 5.5 -inch 1080 p display screen, 2.2 GHz mediatek Helio X10 Turbo eight 64 – bit processors, 3GB RAM+32GB ROM, 5MP front camera+13MP rear camera, 3000mah battery and supports the USB Type – C quick charge.

And on the systems, Letv 1s runs the latest EUI version 5.5. Not only fully is it open to developers, but also it allows for the third party content and services in a more simple way to achieve application desktop management.

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All-metal Android Le 1s smartphone

After launching several hotshot Android phones at competitive prices this April, Chinese media powerhouse LeTV maker has returned with a bang, unveiling a flashy new phone for that Chinese and Indian markets that goes named LeTV Le 1s!

A defining characteristic of its design is seamlessness. Although smartphone doesn’t offer an unibody build, as it’s held together by way of a polished metal frame, it bears no visible screws or another elements that have a tendency to stick out in just a not so nice way. Combined with additional slim screen bezels, this contributes to a clean, attractive looking look. The Le 1s measures 5.94 x 2.92 x .29in (151.1 x 74.2 x 7.5mm) and weighs 5.96oz (169g), which doesn’t seem unreasonable for that phone having a 5.5-inch display. Hopefully, the building will equal its the way they look!

The visible around the LeTV’s new phone is usually a 5.5-inch IPS LCD panel that includes a 1080p resolution and peak brightness coming of around 500 nits, which sounds pretty good, but you’ll find brighter and sharper-looking displays available.

Still, the Le 1s includes a promising camera setup to finish its top quality profile. A corner cam is really a 13MP ISOCELL unit (probably created by Samsung) using a single LED flash, phase detection auto-focus and f/2. aperture. It’s supposedly capable of lock concentrate just .09 seconds. About the front, there’s a 5MP selfie camera with 85-degree wide angle lens and f/2. aperture, which sounds excellent for selfies and group shots. Top camera utilizes a Samsung S5K5E2 sensor with 1.12 micron pixels and back side illumination.

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Oneplus X mobile phone launched 5 inches small screen

On October 29, Oneplus held a global conference. In Beijing, San Francisco, London, New York, New Delhi and Jakarta it launched Oneplus X mobile phone. In conference Oneplus phone released three versions, respectively is Oneplus X, the main fashion Oneplus X ceramic version, the in-ear Oneplus golden headphones, and it launched 5 special protection shell applying to Oneplus X. CEO of Oneplus technology said at the conference: ” Oneplus X mobile phone with 5 inches display is the choice for customers.”

ID design subverting the old style

Oneplus mobile phone subverted the appearance design. It adopts the design of the double glass 2.5 D for the first time. Compared to other similar products on the market, it will be thinner with 2.5 D glass. Oneplus X made 2.5 D glass into 0.9 mm thickness glass. Although this approach has brought Oneplus X more process, longer time and higher cost, it ensures that its integral aesthetic feeling and comfortable grip. The positive curve of Oneplus X created more natural sliding operation and the back curve brings the palm more fruity and delicate.

The best choice for small screens mobile phone

Oneplus X is equipped with a 1300 w pixel main camera, adopts the PDAF phase focus + motor, pay attention to “fast, stable, accurate” photo experience., 800 w megapixel front camera, skin care effect. Oneplus X has the fine white balance, double ISP processor make the background image processing speed faster. The optimized system bring faster startup, focus speed camera, the camera start-up speed of 0.78 seconds, focus speed of just 0.2 seconds, the start of the camera, shoot and even beyond the samsung S6.
Oneplus X ceramic version with light design and exquisite decoration

Oneplus found inspiration from top brands, such as Bulgari, Chanel, Montblanc. With Australia’s import zirconium gem for raw materials and more than half a year of efforts, it launched products with a mix of fashion and quality of science and technology– Oneplus X ceramic version

After a very complicated polishing, the ceramic material of Oneplus X is finally formed. It is 8.5 mohs hardness, which is higher than the common gorilla glass hardness on the phone and it is second behind diamond and sapphire. The wear-resisting degree is high. No matter you throw it into the bag or use it on the desktop, it won’t be scratched.

With the development of mobile phone, the mobile phone has gradually broken away from the concept of simple tools. It becomes the symbol of people life style and also reflects the user’s personality and preferences. From the fuselage materials of mobile phone, Oneplus X creates a as a fashion item with material qualitative unique temperament foil a user’s attitude to life and grade.

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The release of Letv 1s: upgrading processor and New fingerprint feature

Letv today launched a new mobile phone product — Letv super phone 1s. The biggest difference between the new generation of product and the former phone is that fingerprint identification function and at the same time the processor is upgraded to mediatek processor Helio X10 Turbo.

On the specifications, Letv 1s adopts 5.5 -inch 1080p display screen, 2.2 GHz mediatek Helio X10 Turbo eight 64 – bit processors, 3GB RAM+32GB ROM, 5MP front camera + 13MP rear camera, at the same time it supports USB Type – C quick charge.

And on the system, Letv 1s runs the latest EUI 5.5 version. Not only is it fully open to developers, but also it allows to achieve application desktop management for the third party content and services in a more simple way.

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Meizu PRO 5 advantages at AnTuTu

What started as an agency to analysis your phone’s accouterments config and achievement is fast axis into a business average for manufacturers. So abundant so that OEMs are tweaking their SoCs and ROMs so they flash at that… yes, I’m talking about benchmarking apps.

AnTuTu is arguably an accepted benchmarking app out there. It isn’t aberrant for companies to present their new phone’s AnTuTu account during columnist conferences (right afterwards they’re done demography a dig at the iPhone). That’s a trend added accepted with Chinese OEMs than any other.

Nonetheless, we’ve gotten to this point alone because consumers too affliction about criterion scores. If that is the case with you as well, you’ll be admiring to apperceive that the new Meizu PRO 5 does appealing able-bodied with AnTuTu; it array over 76,000 points!

In fact, the Meizu PRO 5 in fact acme the account of the accomplished AnTuTu array with 76,852 points. That is rather amusing, because Meizu buys the PRO 5 SoC (the Exynos 7420) from Samsung, who themselves address a few phones with the SoC. You would apprehend Samsung to accept the best accomplishing of the Exynos 7420, which doesn’t assume to be the case here.

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Xiaomi TV 3 dares to take the first step

Xiaomi TV 3 is not new, or it is not novel to appear on Xiaomi company. We believe that the TV manufacturer knows better than us, but why Xiaomi dare to do such a thing?

First of all, the traditional TV manufacturers are not willing to give up high profits for the users. Although it is said that one of the biggest cost of television is the screen, the more complex the TV is, the higher the level of integration, the more profits that manufacturers can get. The other thing is if you don’t do the TV integration, the competition between TV manufacturers are more dependent on quality. So for some manufacturers without core technology is hard to accept the fact. Some manufacturers also are not willing to share their profits to others. If I sell you the TV, you use other people’s box? Of course it is undoubtedly a bad direction for building their own television ecosystem.

But Xiaomi is different. At the beginning, Xiaomi is an Internet vendor. it is more important to have data than to make money. Therefore Lei Jun said at the news conference, we can sell independent television host speaker apart. The more we sell the more data we get. In addition, Xiaomi TV 3 has also made a comprehensive upgrade on the content. Xiaomi TV 3 won the national seven content licenses. Since Xiaomi spent $1 billion creating video league, in just a few months, the content has increased from 240000 hours to 240000 hours, once again rose 83%.

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Chinese companies win public trust in India

On April 23, Xiaomi was launched a “Mi4i” in new Delhi, India. It sells for 12999 rupees. In the picture, Indian consumers had a trial on Xiaomi mobile phone.

Indians are not strange to the product Made in China including construction machinery and daily provisions, which has been closely embedded in the Indian social life. With the increase of economic and trade exchanges between China and India, many far-sighted Chinese companies realize that being nice to the people, and earning the trust of people in India is the assurance of winning Indian market for China and it is also the duty of the development of Chinese enterprises overseas.

In the mobile phone market of India, the fame of Xiaomi is very special. It is referred to as the good-quality handset for the most Indian fans. On April 23, Xiaomi “Mi4i” was published in New Delhi. There is an “i” in the upgrading”Mi4″. It is affectionately called as “made for India”. The Indians who want a glimpse of Xiaomi has queued for a long line along the street. Compared to “enjoy” with Indian fans, after 3 days, Xiaomi has surprised the industry. Ratan Tata, chairman of Tata group invested on Xiaomi in his own name. Although the investment amount is unknown, the move is considered a proof of India strategy.

PR team of Xiaomi India recently was in an interview with reporters and said: “Mr Ratan Tata is the world’s best-known business leader. Investing on Xiaomi is sure to the development of Xiaomi continue in India, this is, of course, just the beginning of Xiaomi trip to India. We are looking forward to build India company into a real local company with Mr Tata.

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Xiaomi Mi4C is now attainable for $232

The Xiaomi Mi4C is the latest and last phone of the Xiaomi Mi4 ancestors of devices, a antecedent that has taken the all-embracing smartphone exchange by storm. Xiaomi accustomed in the abide two years that affordable smartphones don’t acquire to be of poor above or abounding with trade-offs. The Xiaomi Mi4C is yet accession aspect in the alternation of affordable smartphones, and it’s an ambrosial nice finishing touch.

You can now buy the Xiaomi Mi4C with 16/32GB centralized accumulator for $232. Xiaomi’s accessories are reputable, high-end and popular, acceptance to their brownish design, affordable price, easy-to-use user interface, adequate arrangement action and absolute adequate performance, abnormally in the connected term.

The Xiaomi Mi4X actualization a 5-inch affectation that comes in with a absolute adequate FHD resolution touchscreen animate encased in a polycarbonate analysis and metal frame. The architectonics of the handset is alpha and colorful, but charcoal authentic to the egg-shaped actualization that we’re acclimated if it comes to Xiaomi smartphones. The Chinese accession added an arresting and beat amore to the Xiaomi Mi4C in the analysis of actionable sides.

Actionable carelessness just bureau that you can use the edges of the Xiaomi Mi4C to crop a quick photo or go aback in the menu/app that you were in. You can do these by auger on the angle of the accent and that’s a amore that is still altered to the device. Moreover, the architectonics of the accent allows for a big arrangement to be acclimated and Xiaomi chose a abounding 3060 mAh one. That arrangement should abide for at diminutive two canicule on accustomed use, which is ambrosial nice.

The Xiaomi Mi4C aswell actualization best connectivity, as it is outfitted with a USB Type-C port, Bluetooth 4.0, 2 SIM calendar slots, both accordant with 4G LTE, Quick Charge 2.0, Infrared blaster and of course, Wi-Fi. The handset is actually arresting and with the ambrosial arrangement bulk that it goes for, it’s actually annual the investment just by demography a accent at the connectivity and architectonics features.

That’s not all there is to the Xiaomi Mi4C however. Under the hood, the accent actualization a Snapdragon 808 CPU backed by 3 GB RAM and 16 or 32 GB centralized storage, depending on what another you choose. The camera authority is comprised of a 13 MP sensor with LED axle and autofocus on the rear and a 5 MP camera on the front. The USB Type-C anchorage comes with an adaptor that you can use, accurate this amalgamation a complete one. If all that doesn’t spell “balanced”, I don’t apperceive what away does.

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Time for a new phone? The XIAOMI Mi4C 4G Smartphone is now attainable to order

Missed out on the iPhone 6s and ambition to get your calmly on a adapted fizz in the next ages or so? Don’t worry, you can now acclimation the XIAOMI Mi4C 4G Smartphone. You’ll get yourself that new fizz at a atom of the price.

The XIAOMI Mi4C 4G Smartphone boasts some arresting specs as well. With abounding raw adeptness (2GB RAM 16GB ROM and Snapdragon 808 64-bit Hexa Core 1.8GHz) to run all the apps you’d like to use and a arrangement that is able abounding (3080mAh) to breach breathing through the toughest of use, the fizz is loaded for bear. The fizz as able-bodied boasts a 5.0 inch, 1920×1080 Pixel affectation that actualization bifold tap to deathwatch up technology so you can get your fizz attainable to use afterwards averseness through annoying absorbed or arrest safes.

The XIAOMI Mi4C 4G Smartphone as able-bodied includes the bleeding-edge USB Type C adapter so you won’t acquire to blow about aggravating to get your charger affiliated astern at night or if you arise home from the bar. Able to be acclimated on the 2G GSM, 3G WCDMA, 4G FDD-LTE networks, the XIAOMI Mi4C 4G Smartphone is a Swiss Army knife of accessibility that is attainable at a low price.

If you were analytic for a little bit added power, the avant-garde archetype of the XIAOMI Mi4C 4G Smartphone is attainable for acclimation as well. Most specs are the same, but this bad boy as able-bodied boasts 3GB RAM 32GB ROM, accurate it abounding added future-proof.

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Snapdragon 808 is embedded inside the Xiaomi Mi4c

Xiaomi, China’s biggest vendor of smartphones remains a tailwind for Qualcomm. Despite the recent rumors that Xiaomi is planning to utilize a distinctive custom ARM processor, ecommerce again thought to utilize Snapdragon 808 for your new Mi4c smartphone.
Qualcomm was a young investor in Xiaomi. It’s therefore only proper that Lei Jun remains faithful for your Snapdragon brand. While Xiaomi uses MediaTek chips on its Redmi handset, the most expensive models is constantly come simply Qualcomm-made processors.

The Mi4c has been similar non-overheating hexacore Snapdragon chip how a high-end LG G4 Android phone boasts. Hence, it’s expected the Mi4c won’t suffer the overheating problems with the India-centric Mi4i. The Mi4i contains the octa-core Snapdragon 615.

The Mi4c again exudes the consistent iPhone-like design aesthetics of previous Xiaomi Android phones. These pastel colors with all the current Mi4c variants are furthermore a nod in connection with iPhone 5c from Apple. Xiaomi’s latest smartphone also incorporates Quick Charge 2. technology, and contains the advanced USB Type-C port.

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