Perfect spring gift from SpeMall: Ramos W30HD QUAD CORE.

Tablet Ramos W30HD Quad core SAMSUNG Exynos 4412, 2GB DDR3, 10.1 inch RETINA, Bluetooth.

Tablet Ramos W30HD SAMSUNG Exynos QUAD CORE, 2 GB DDR3, 4412 10 inch RETINA, Bluetooth resembles Ramos just does W30 2 GB DDR3 type RETINA display has high resolution (1920 x 1200 pixels), and the initial storage capacity (32 GB) is double compared to Ramos W30. The Tablet comes with the most powerful QUAD CORE processor from Samsung, the timing, the same used by Samsung Galaxy phone top S3.

Samsung Exynos 4412 obtain comparable tests with NVidia Tegra 2. QUAD CORE MALI400 graphics processor and the 4 cores enable Samsung to run your games and applications to a high standard, and surfing the internet is a real pleasure. 2 GB DDR3 memory they do feel immediately present, applications running cursive even when they are more open simultaneously.

With the rear casing of metal alloy and design, Tablet Ramos W30HD QUAD CORE finds the perfect balance between elegance and performance while having an unbeatable price for tablets in its class. Furthermore, if the 32 GB NAND values are not enough and you need more space for your music, movies, or images with just a microSDHC or microSD card you can enlarge the storage capacity of your device with up to 32 GB are available besides the built-in memory. Storage space you need is your choice.

Device connectivity, wifi signal is good and using Bluetooth you can connect almost instantly to other devices. Use the 2 rooms of the device to communicate with your friends in your favorite social networks. Take the tablet with you wherever you want and push entertainment and mobility to the Max!

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